After a two week absence, there has been very little legitimate news on the Star Wars front, so we spend most of this episode discussing the heaps of amazing comics that have been released by Marvel. In Shattered Empire #1, we discover the fate of the Rebellion in the immediate aftermath of Return of the Jedi, through the eyes of two lovers who have a major connection to the Force Awakens. In Darth Vader #9, everyone's favorite Sith Lord has to cover his tracks as an Imperial inspector begins to question his loyalty to the Emperor. In Lando #4, Lando's crew is being slowly corrupted by Sith artifacts while a bounty hunter stalks them in the shadows. In Star Wars #9, Luke finds key information regarding the legacy of the Jedi, but in the worst possible place; while Han and Leia deal with the fallout of Sana Solo's arrangement with the Empire. Want in depth analysis of this and more? Check us out!

Plus, George Lucas builds a museum, Episode VIII starts shooting and 3D experiments storm Facebook. 

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