Welcome to the brand new home for Jetpack Joust! 

What started as a humble gaming blog in 2013 has transformed into a burgeoning podcast empire, covering a variety of nerdy subject matter: Star Wars, Video Games, Disney Parks, Cinema, Tabletop RPGs, Board Games and so much more. Our passion for the ever-expanding reach of geek culture has led us to this new format, but we promise to continue providing you with in-depth, entertaining, and innovative coverage of everything that's fun in the universe. 2016 will be a big year for Jetpack Joust, as we reopen our Youtube Channel, produce even more podcasts, and expand our approach to community building. We hope that you'll join us!


A journey into a galaxy far, far away with Cory and guests, Starbird Radio is a bi-weekly breakdown of Star Wars news, reviews, and much more. 

Infinite Pixels

Every week, Kenny, Bear and Zak play a game, trash talk and discuss a variety of gaming topics. Infinite Pixels is the flagship comedy show on the JPJ Youtube channel.

Cool %#!# We Think Is Cool is a pop culture battle royale in which Cory and Bear select three of their favorite experiences (movies, television, comics, video games, music, etc) from the last week. 

Ryan and Josh have been friends for more than 10 years and have been bantering about recording a podcast for just as long. Finally, they've put their heads together to tear apart the confusing world of comic books. With a little fansplaining, you might just fall in love with...The Fake Geek Boiz.

Hit the Table

Hit the Table is your gateway into the world of tabletop games, from traditional board games to RPGs, cards, and miniatures. We breakdown the best games in each genre in our hopes to spread the word about one of the best forms of modern, social entertainment. 

Character Traits

Every fictional universe is brimming with dynamic and unique characters. Each episode, Character Traits chooses a new franchise - from Star Wars to Harry Potter to Scream - and breaks down the coolection of personalities that keep us interested in that world and storyline. 


Julian takes out his frustration on the gaming industry in JH8; analyzing overrated titles, berating anti-consumer behavior, and tackling a myriad of other topics. 

The Steam Librarian

Join Bear on his journey to play through his entire Steam Library, which contains more than 200 games! Each week, Bear attempts to check another game off this very long list. Will he be successful? Will he survive? Find out on the Steam Librarian. 

The Wohna Cohna

Josh and Julian bring the laughs and the insights, discussing a variety of gaming topics without ever taking the industry too seriously. 

Cory and BK watch the first three episodes of classic television programs and determine if they still hold up and if they're worth a continued watch. They also try to predict where they might go next. Funny and informative, Static Frequency is one of the newest podcasts in the JPJ family. 

Ten-Minute Glitch

Ten-Minute Glitch is an indie game review in less than 10 minutes. Available in both podcast and Youtube video formats.

Can I Kick It? (On Hiatus)

Can I Kick It? was the original Jetpack Joust Youtube show, a weekly curation of amazing crowd-funded indie games, board games and roleplaying games. Currently on hiatus. 

Horizons: Walt Disney World Podcast (On Hiatus)

Focusing on the history of the Walt Disney Theme Parks, Horizons was a celebration of optimism, innovation, engineering and hope. Currently on hiatus. 

Play Through History (On Hiatus)

Produced very briefly during JPJ's initial run, Play Through History was Cory's attempt to educate his sister, Valerie, about the history of video games. Each week, she'd play seminal games in chronological order and determine if they were still relevant and fun. Currently on hiatus. 


Bear Jones (Creative Editor, Host "Infinite Pixels", "The Steam Librarian" and "Cool %#!# We Think is Cool")

Cory Stine (Creative Editor, Host "Starbird Radio", "Hit the Table", "Static Frequencies", "10-Minute Glitch", and "Cool %#!# We Think is Cool")

Kenneth Carter (Host "Infinite Pixels")

Zak Whetzel (Host "Infinite Pixels")

Julian Spath (Host "JH8" and "The Wohna Cohna")

Josh Conner (Host "Fake Geek Boiz" and "The Wohna Cohna")

Ryan Fraer (Host "Fake Geek Boiz)

Valerie Stine (Host "Character Traits")

Miles Lawlor (Host "Character Traits")

Brian Kelly (Host "Static Frequency", Contributor "Starbird Radio")