The Boiz are back in the All-New, All-Different Danktum Danktorum, but there's a dark cloud on the horizon, and not just one cast by the horror of Johnny Depp and the return of Frank Miller to the pod. The FGB have paid greatly for their hubris about labeling "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Trauma Bath" the worst superhero movie of the year...because they sat through "Batman: The Killing Joke." The Boiz describe just how dire things get for Barbara Gordon, how repugnant the Joker is (not intentionally), and how to rescue Mark Hamill from a DC recording booth. All this amidst the shocking revelation that the Fake Geek Boiz are actually shills working for Marvel to keep the DCaissance down.

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Next week the FGB will declare, once and for all, who wore it better (for line-wide relaunches): Marvel or DC?

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