Ryan and Josh settle back into the Danktum Danktorum for a classic FGB rundown of the year in Big 2 TV Shows. They decide to assign some completely objective and standardized, animal-based grades to the shows they've watched this year. Spoilers for all of them, but duh.

The Boiz start with patting Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Daredevil on the back for trying without really hurting anyone, and they mourn the loss of Marvel's Agent Carter with NO DISRESPECT PAID TO THE GODDESS ATWELL.

Then, the Boiz deep-dive into the DCW shows, starting with the singular bright light, Supergirl before ripping up Arrow, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and finally burying The Flash with the power of their conversation. It's a tough one for the Boiz, but when Melissa Benoist and Queen Flockhart are over on their own show REDEFINING SUPERHEROES, why would we settle for WALLY WEST: BAD BOI STREETRACER?

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